Packaged Pre-cooked Rice パックライス


Delicious in only minutes 約2分で炊きたてごはんの味わいを

Packaged pre-cooked rice from Japan is made using carefully selected Japan Rice with the pure water of Japan, sterilized and packaged in single servings. Just heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes or in hot water for 10-15 minutes. It’s easy to enjoy rice that tastes as if it was just steamed with care by a skilled chef, any time you want.

How to eat

For sushi and rice balls ふんわり感を楽しむ寿司やおにぎりに

Packaged pre-cooked rice has both the delicious flavor and texture of freshly cooked rice. Perfect as is, or in sushi, rice balls, or other styles that highlight the fluffy rice texture. Try it in all sorts of recipes.

Japan quality

Rice cooking and
sterilization technology

The secret to the delicious flavor of packaged pre-cooked rice is in not only the quality of the rice, but also the rice cooking and sterilization technology. During production, selected Japan Rice is sterilized in high-temperature short-time heating and high-pressure sterilization processes before being steamed with care the same way as non-packaged rice. The freshly steamed rice is then placed in sterile packs in a clean room. By ensuring conditions are thoroughly sterile, the resulting products are safe for up to about a year when stored at room temperature. Thanks to packaged pre-cooked rice that retains the delicious flavor of Japan Rice for a long time, you can easily enjoy Japanese food at any time.

For wellness

For calorie control カロリーコントロールに便利

Japan’s packaged pre-cooked rice comes in different amounts, such as 150 g, 180 g, and 200 g, and the amount and number of calories are always displayed on the package. Rice is about 80% carbohydrates, and it is absorbed very efficiently, with a digestibility coefficient of around 98%. If you want to adjust the size or caloric intake of your meals, packaged steamed rice makes calculation simple. This makes it a useful item to have in your pantry.

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