Rice Cracker 米菓


Healthy rice snacks 体にやさしい、お米のお菓子

Rice crackers are a type of confection made from rice. They are very familiar to Japanese people, with every supermarket in Japan having a rice cracker section. They are made by baking cooked rice to induce gelatinization and are easy on your stomach. They are eaten by people of all ages, from babies to elderly people. As they use no wheat flour, they are perfect for a gluten-free diet.

How to eat

Savory and delightful texture 香ばしく、楽しい食感が魅力

The most well-known rice cracker is senbei. Steamed non-glutinous rice (the general type normally eaten in meals) is baked aromatically and flavored with soy sauce, salt, sugar, seaweed, and other seasonings. Their unique crispy texture and savory flavor keep you coming back for more.

Okaki and arare, made from steamed gultinous rice that is baked and fried in oil until crisp, accentuating their umami, are available in a rich variety of flavors. They are small and cute, and are the perfect treat for sharing at a party.

In Japan, they are often eaten with Japanese tea, but they also pair well with sake, wine, and beer, which highlight their simple and delicate flavors.

Japan quality

Good-quality ingredients おいしさは原料の品質と鮮度で決まる

Rice crackers are made with simple ingredients like rice, soy sauce, salt, and oil. This means that the quality of the ingredients affects the flavor, so the quality of the Japan Rice and other ingredients is carefully controlled. The crispy texture is one reason they taste so good. These crackers are packaged using advanced packaging technology to lock in the freshness and deliver the rich, diverse flavor of just-baked products.

Introduction movie 米菓紹介動画