Organization 關於營運組織

This website is operated by the Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (JRE). Its aim is to widely promote the excellence of Japan Rice and rice related food products throughout the world through recipes, chefs' techniques, and descriptions of a wide variety of products.

The JRE is an organization that is primarily for promoting the export of Japan Rice and rice related food products. It supports activities to build awareness of and disseminate Japanese food culture using rice, such as through sales channel development, displays at international food exhibitions, advertising, and the creation and distribution of materials and sales promotion tools.
By carrying out activities to promote the export of Japan Rice and rice related food products, the JRE aims to work with its members to deliver attractive Japan Rice and rice related food products to consumers abroad and enrich lifestyles through the inclusion of Japan Rice.

呢個網站由一般社團法人 全日本大米及大米相關食品出口促進協會(以下簡稱「全米輸」)營運。本網站旨在透過精心製作既食譜、名廚堅持既理念、以及廣泛既產品介紹等方式,向全世界推廣日本米、及日本米相關食品既魅力。


Overview 組織概要

一般社團法人 全日本大米及大米相關食品出口促進協會
木村 良

About This is Japan Quality Mark 關於呢個商標既說明

「THIS IS JAPAN QUALITY」商標旨在使消費者,能夠容易識別響商店或網上出售既日本米、同日本米加工食品。
「THIS IS JAPAN QUALITY」商標權由全米輸擁有,只有全米輸會員,或得到全米輸的授權既時候,先至可以用。